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Little Woof Lighting

Meet the Team behind LWL




Our Story

Based primarily in Melbourne, Australia, Han is an experienced and passionate, gaffer and lighting technician. On their days off you can find Han exploring the wild with their trusty kelpie dog, mountain bike and camera/drone.

Since beginning their film career, Han has been tirelessly dedicated to constantly achieve more and develop their knowledge in cinematography and the moving image, working on a range of projects from tv shows, feature films, commercial content and creative projects.

Discovering what causes a connection between audience and story. 

Since wrapping up on Stan's 'Bad Behaviour' last year as a steadicam operator (their other passion), Han has gaffered on webseries and commercial jobs for companies such as SES, Cadbury, Ford, Priceline, Respect Victoria, Nike, Champion and many more. 

For more information about Han's film career and them as an

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